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A+ Folder Locker 1.1

Protects sensitive folders by password-locking them
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Giant Matrix Ltd
Creates a virtual locker where you can store as many files and folders as you want, keeping them hidden from the other users of the PC and restricting access to them by encrypting them with a password.

A+ Folder Locker is not the average data protection tool – it creates virtual lockers in your computer where you can store any amount of files and folders, which will remain hidden and safe under various layers of protection. You can add a hacker-proof password to your lockers, and encrypt the data inside them using any of the most widely used encryption algorithms on the market.

Considering the way data is locked up using this tool, you are strongly advised not to forget the password you used to lock it, or you may be saying good-bye to your beloved, most sensitive information. To help you with this, the program includes a “password wallet”, where you can save all your passwords in a safe and structured environment. The program allows you to create standard text passwords, but you are strongly advised to use the “pattern passwords” that A+ Folder Locker provides. These are hacker-safe, though not very mnemotechnical.

Passwords, however, are neither the only nor the strongest of the locks that this program can apply to your data. Encryption is another one of them, and you are allowed to choose the algorithm you are more comfortable with among around a dozen of the most popular ones, including Blowfish, the “Ice” family, Cast128, and RC2. Finally, the program can work in Stealth Mode, meaning that even the entire locking process can be effectively hidden from hackers and other prying eyes.

I do not want to finish without mentioning the program’s steganographic protection systems and its efficient shredding utility. The former will allow you to disguise your data as an image file or as a video, making it impossible for virtually anyone to find out that your most sensitive information is traveling together with your holidays memories. The latter will let you utterly destroy your sensitive data without leaving any trace that they ever existed.

One way or another, A+ Folder Locker is capable of hiding and protecting your files and folders in ways that no hacker will be able to figure out. However, the program will be very happy to save in a log for you every single of their fruitless break-in attempts.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Locks your sensitive data under various layers of protection
  • Stealth mode to hide the steps taken during the locking process
  • Powerful file shredder
  • Pattern password generator


  • Dull interface with repetitive colorless designs
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